Ich bin der Roy


I grew up in the south of The Netherlands, still live there in a town called Sittard. My passion has moved from urbex to streetphotography. Catching ordinary moments of everyday life and process them to extraordinary pictures. Pictures like you are watching to a documentary, a thriller or a romcom maybe.

I started my photography with a SLR which I borrowed from my father. Later when I bought my first DSLR, I joined my friends to go shoot “Urbex”. Photograph abandoned buildings where I learned about compositions, lights and the beauty of decay and architecture. Later on I enjoyed shooting landscapes and very often portraits of my little girl and boy

So, I scrolled through your portfolio and you have a nice collection of several subjects. You have developed an own style to which colors play an important role. There seems to be some kind of color-shade over your pictures which give it a good athmosphere in combination with your subject. Beautifully work and a fine portfolio. Regards Harrie


your shots …are great – your titles beat everything!

Eva Arendt