Company Photography

Above you will find several portraits that I shot for Boels Inside for the company Boels . Some photos are scans of the magazine.

A company photo shows your audience what your company stands for. I ensure a professional appearance of photos of your company. This can be an industrial building, an office, a restaurant or, for example, a hotel. With one person or an entire group. The photos can be used for social media, a publication, internal company reports, conferences or your website, etc. A website stands or falls by a photo.

Together with the customer we look at the optimum setting. A different perspective can already give a completely different look. A simple office space alone has different angles, windows, sources of light, furniture. All elements are taken into account when determining the image. I work with a professional studio set on location to adjust the light to my own taste.

I carefully select the photos I have taken and also provide professional post-processing. The desired atmosphere is discussed with you and if adjusted until the result is as needed.

Are you interested in corporate photography and would you like to tell me your visual story? Contact me at the contact form or mail to

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